D&L Garden Railway

Spring / Summer 2003

Christmas 2005 Incline

 Videos - April 2005

These videos are VERY VERY large - Make sure you have a fast connection and some time to download!

  • Video 1 - Eggliner IR follower - includes a wreck!

  • Video 2 - Forward view from track cleaning car.

  • Video 3 - Taken from rail car facing backward - trailing are Eggliner and switcher - includes a derailment

  • Video 4 - Taken from rail car facing backward - trailing is only the Eggliner - note that the beacon is ON which keeps the two separated by a good distance

  • Video 5 - Taken from rail car facing forward - nice overview of the railroad - note the construction going on in one bend and the new trestles that are passed.

  • Video 6 - Taken from Eggliner - discovered that the Eggliner does not fit through the tunnel with the camera strapped to its side!

  • Video 7 - Taken from track cleaning car - Clockwise single loop through NEW TREE TUNNEL - track not quite done but close!

  • Video 8 - Taken from track cleaning car - Counter clockwise single loop through NEW TREE TUNNEL - track not quite done but close!

PGRS Photos

February 2006 Greenberg Show Castle 1  
Children's Hospital Layout  Castle 2

New set of photos taken by Rocky Raco, September 2004
(see what happens when a 'Pro' looks at a garden railway


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Before we started

 Images of the back yard prior to March 2003.  Many trees and shrubs had to be pruned, trimmed and removed.

Raw Materials

The bridge and trestle sections were all made from wood salvaged from an old hot tub that was in the back yard.  The hot tub was made of an Australian hard wood called Jarrah wood.  It is red in color and naturally resistant to decay.

East Bridge and Tunnel

The bridge was constructed from the hot tub wood during January 2003.  The tunnel is just to the west of the bridge.  It is made of a pressure treated box wrapped in several layers of tar paper.  The tunnel and bridge were installed in March, 2003.

West Loop

The west end of the railway goes over the bridge, through the tunnel then along a long loop, mostly on trestles, that crosses above the tunnel and continues on to the east.  The east loop was completed in April, 2003.

Long Straight Away

Work continued on the long straight away that starts over the tunnel on the high side and at the bridge on the low side.  The two segments meet about midway along the back wall and ride the same path for 30 feet or so.  Most of this work was completed in May, 2003

East Loop

The final loop is at the east end of the yard.  It is cut into a series of rocks and will have another bridge that will be around 6' long.  The loop was completed in late June, 2003 - the bridge is next!


The furry helper who appears in a number of pictures is Dylan, our Golden Retriever puppy.  He was born on December 20, 2002.

New design for approach to the East Loop

The eastern end long straight away that connects the two loops had been two lanes of track running together that was hanging off of a rock cliff.  Even though it worked well it just didn't look right.  In August it was torn out and made into two separate lanes of track.  One was tucked into the rock wall and the other was brought out several feet and supported by fifteen high sections of trestle.  The bridge also had to be realigned and some of the East Loop rebuilt.  As you can see from the pictures below the additional work was worth the effort!

Pond and Railway

The Garden Pond (see ../pond for details) are both welcome additions to the back yard.