Cloning Hard Drives
revised 12-11-2009

Norton's Ghost can be used to clone (duplicate) hard drives.  It is a commercial product and can be expensive to purchase.

There are several free alternatives using Linux.

DD (disk duplicate) command

Rather than repeat information that is already on the Internet these links should help with using DD.



Download here: and create a CD from the ISO file.

Usage tips are here:


Cloning from a smaller hard drive to a larger hard drive

When using DD or CloneZilla with hard drives of different sizes you may find that the new drive has unused space that is not part of the clone. 

This happeded to me when I cloned a 40 gig drive to a 60 gig drive.  When I was done the new drive had a 40 gig partition and 20 gig of free space.  I could have made the 20 gig section into a new drive (say drive E) but I wanted to have one 60 gig drive.

To expand the partition that was created to use all of the hard drive you can use the Windows command DISKPART.

Here are some links that explain how it works.


IMPORTANT:  The drive that you want to modify must NOT be the active boot drive - install it in a USB enclosure and use DISKPART on another PC.

Revised d. bodnar 12/11/2009