GPS Activity


Your Name(s)_________________________________________________________ GPS # _____________


  1. Initialize your GPS and record the number of satellites and accuracy:

Satellites____________ Accuracy ___________ feet


  1. Mark 5 waypoints on the Mellon / Washington grounds. Put the number of each waypoint as you saved it in the GPS on the photograph and record its longitude and latitude in the table below.

Hint: To mark a waypoint

  1. Go to the location you want to mark
  2. Hold the ENTER button for a few seconds
  3. The waypoint number will be in the flag
  4. The longitude, latitude and elevation will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.




















GPS label (001, 002, 003, etc.)

Latitude (N40 22.456)

Longitude (W80 02.123)

Elevation (1132 )
































  1. Go to each of these waypoints that have been recorded in your GPS. On the back of this sheet write a sentence that describes the location of each waypoint. For example: Waypoint number 102 is located at home plate on the baseball diamond.
    1. 101
    2. Hint: To GOTO a waypoint

      1. Use the PAGE button to move to the MENU page
      2. Use the UP/DOWN buttons to highlight WAYPOINTS
      3. Press the ENTER button to move to the first list
      4. Use UP/DOWN to highlight the waypoint you want
      5. Press the ENTER button
      6. Highlight GOTO and press the ENTER button
      7. Follow the arrow to arrive at the waypoint


      REMEMBER the GPS is not a compass! It only points in the right direction when you are moving!

    3. 103
    4. 104
    5. 105
    6. 106 (this one is

not on the field!)