Using IrfanView to Edit Images

IrfanView is a free (for home and educational use) program that will edit graphic images.  While it is not a complete graphic editor it will do the following:

More importantly, if you need to perform the same function on a number of images it has a BATCH mode that can apply many of these functions to any number of images automatically.  This is frequently used to change the resolution of a group of images that are destined for use in a web page.  If the images were shot on a high resolution camera, IrfanView can convert all of the images to 640 x 480 resolution, for example, automatically.  A VERY powerful tool!

IrfanView Home Page

DOWNLOAD HERE or from link above

Direct download of version 3.85

Sample images:  (hold mouse cursor over image for information - double click image to see full size image)

Original ImageText addedSharpen Image - WORKS WELL!Rotate LeftFlip VerticalFlip HorizontalResize 50%Resize to 2" wideCrop Gray Scale (Black & White)NegativeEnhance BrightenEffects - PixelizeEffects - Oil PaintEffects - ExplosionEffects - EmbossEffects - Edge DetectionEffects - 3D ButtonColor Depth to 16 ColorsSwap Colors - RGB to GRBSwap Colors - RGB to BGR