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December 2010 Newsletter

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The October outing at Childrenís Hospital we had a short business meeting. We discussed that there was a great deal of concern over having an adequate number of people for set up, take down, and manning the display during the shows that the club has been doing the major ones being the Greensburg Train Show twice a year and the Oktoberfest at Canonsburg. We also discussed that a schedule should be made up with the names of those who have volunteered and what time they were coming to help and work the show so that everyone didnít come at the same time, also if someone doesnít show up we can check on them and see what had happened to them. But most of all it seems that it is the same members that have been coming out and doing all the work at the shows, so there should be a way of rewarding those members that are volunteering and coming out to help throughout the year. We also hope that by starting a reward system this could be incentive to motivate some new people or some that have not helped in some time to start helping.



How would you like a chance on winning a  LGB Track Cleaning Locomotive over the next year 2011?

This is how you can get a chance on it; the drawing will be held at the 2011 Christmas Dinner.

  • First it is open all members who have paid their dues for the year of 2011.

  • Second, for every two hours worked at a show you will get one chance on the locomotive. If you work 4 hours youíll get two chances and so on.

  • Third, if anyone hosts a meeting for the club in the year 2011 they will get a chance.

  • Fourth, anyone towing the trailer to and from a show will get a one chance for each way. 

Each time a member gets a ticket they will put their name and phone number on it and deposit in a container for the reward system and come next year at the Christmas Dinner you could be going home with a LBG Track Cleaning Locomotive. Only the members who have received the reward tickets will have a chance or chances on winning the Track Cleaning Locomotive. You can have as many chances as you want depending on how much time you put in supporting the club. 

The Officers hope this will get more volunteers out to work the shows and help in hosting our meeting in the coming year.