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May Meeting

Roving cub reporter Jill Fallecker here, reporting on recent activities with the PGRS.  Clark and Kathy Kemmerer hosted the PGRS on Saturday, May, 16, 2009.  They prepared a great lunch which was added to by all the following members who attended:

Alycefaye and Paul Stewart    Don Barnot
Chas Christ (We hope Dee is feeling better now!)  Shirley and Al Hartman   
Carol and Jim Schwarz  Miller Adams
 Dave and Lois Bodnar   Bill and Jill Fallecker   

Members discussed with Clark the nuts and bolts (and cost) of laying out a loop of track in his beautifully manicured lawn.  We expect he and Kathy will be able to sit on their back deck and enjoy the trains below in the very near future.  With their determination and enthusiasm we may also see many wonderful additions to the main line as well as an incline to the lower level of the yard in the future.

 The club held a plant swap that day, too.  Many members brought greens to trade.  It seemed just about everybody got something new to plant.  Even those who had no plants to start with ended up with plants to take home because there were plenty to share.  Carol Schwarz commented that this was more than just a swap, it was an opportunity to start a friendship garden.  She was getting the names of the people who gave her a plant.  If members are interested, we could try a “bulb swap” sometime in the fall.

The weather was fickle on Saturday, but the PGRS members were lucky.  We had lunch, discussed Clark’s train layout, had a brief update of club activities, and finished up our plant trading outside just as raindrops started to hit the ground!  Even the slow ones among us were able to get to their vehicles without getting wet.  Talk about your timing...

Remember your next opportunity for fun and fellowship with the PGRS will be the train weekend in Cumberland, Maryland June 12 -14.  The following weekend is our planning session with Chuck and Dee Christ (June 20, 2009).  The next time you see Chuck and Dee be sure to congratulate them on the sale of their other house, it’s been a long time coming.

Remember to check the calendar for dates and times of other upcoming events.

Well, fellow train club members and spouses, see you on the rails next time.  If you, too, have an interest in being a reporter or scout for the PGRS, feel free to write up any train related activities you think we may be interested in.  Your submissions will be gratefully accepted by your president!