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Tech Tips
Dave Bodnar

Electronics & the Children's Hospital Layout

The new layout at Children's Hospital has a number of sophisticated and not-so-sophisticated electronic features that make it more
interesting for visitors of all ages.

The most apparent feature is a set of 8 buttons that are evenly spaced along the platform's skirt. From left to right they
perform the following functions:

  1. Start the main line train

  2. Activate the pony ring animation (with sound)

  3. Activate the lion roaring sound and illuminate the blinking lights within the circus tent

  4. Play one of four circus sounds from the monkey band platform (repeatedly pressing the button switches from one sound to the other)

  5. Start the two carousels along with the sounds of children laughing

  6. Activate the prairie dog / meerkat animation along with the sounds of birds in the nearby tree

  7. Convince the elephant to lift his head and trunk as he trumpets loudly

  8. Start the Mr. Rogers Trolley on its point-to-point run

An attentive observer will note that the main line train starts out after an announcer says "Train Leaving on Track 1 - All
. After a few laps of the layout it always decelerates smoothly and stops right at the station.

Mr. Rogers Trolley always starts out from its main station with a "beep beep beep" that will be familiar to all who remember the
TV show.

The sound effects are produced by a number of small MP3 p