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  1. Ultimate Windows Tweaker - From Windows Club very nice for Win7 & Vista - simplifies sharing folders & much more
  2. Using DOS batch files for backups
  3. 198 Vista Tips & Tricks
  4. Make an XP SP3 Recovery Disk - very cool!
  5. Upgrading from Vista to XP - really!
  6. Top XP tips / tricks:,1895,2308037,00.asp
  7. Secure Erase Hard Drives - open source program Boot n Nuke
  8. Killing "pop up" ads with Google's Toolbar
  9. AntiVir - Free anti-virus software that will run in SAFE mode under Windows XP
  10. Free technical support 
  11. Creating grid sheets (graph paper) with Word
  12. Using Ad Aware to remove advertisements cookies and other "spy ware" from your PC (frequently speeds up a slow PC)
  13. How to print a list of files in a directory (something you can't easily do in Windows!)
  14. A utility to print file lists to a file (which you can print from Word, etc)
  15. Using Excel to organize information from and solve word problems in math
  16. Using text boxes and paragraph text in Excel
  17. Converting numbers to Roman numerals and to written out (text) format in Word
  18. Finding images on the Internet
  19. Capturing and editing screen images
  20. Editing and compressing images (IrfanView)
  21. GPS Lesson - PowerPoint - worksheet
  22. 15 PowerPoint tips / tricks
  23. Removing the requirement to re-logon when returning from Standby
  24.   keyboard shortcuts
  25.,4149,64601,00.asp Office keyboard shortcuts
  26.,4148,29,00.asp  PowerPoint background change
  27.,4149,1367932,00.asp text to words
  28.,4149,1434400,00.asp - highlighting formulas in Excel
  29.,4149,1434338,00.asp turn off caps lock after using shift
  30.,4149,1434441,00.asp parse name, address, zip in Excel
  31.,4149,1476473,00.asp use images in charts in Excel
  32.,4149,1523509,00.asp change forced text numbers to numbers in Excel - has a great tip on paste special / multiply
  33.,1759,1229633,00.asp 15 great Excel tips - very nice!
  34.,1759,1204832,00.asp Inserting signature into Word document
  35.,4149,1537604,00.asp Start Windows XP Without Waiting for Welcome
  36.,1759,1047729,00.asp  Windows XP and Office XP shortcuts (click here for one page/ printer ready version)
  37.,1759,1566562,00.asp  Adding a "work" menu to toolbar for fast access to files
  38.,1759,1569026,00.asp Adding a "work on last document" icon to desktop
  39.,1759,1569377,00.asp  Edit two parts of a Word document at once
  40.,1759,1565284,00.asp Using Smart Tags in Word
  41.,1759,1586098,00.asp Removing hidden codes from Office documents
  42.,1759,1568569,00.asp Adding a calculator to Word's toolbar
  43.,1759,1566820,00.asp Setting an alternate network configuration
  44. Google Deskbar - very nice!
  45. Google Graphics Sorter - Picasa - also very nice!
  46. - recover (some) deleted files even after Recycle Bin is cleared.
  47. Tweak FX for XP
  48. InfoWorld "Top 10 Tools of the Trade"
  49. Services to disable in XP (good tips here!)
  50.,1759,1633790,00.asp using Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc)
  51.,1759,1631997,00.asp using the Start command in XP
  52.,1759,1632090,00.asp inverted printing in Word
  53.,1759,1626132,00.asp disinfecting your PC
  54.,1759,1625094,00.asp degunking your PC
  55.,1759,1629130,00.asp merge to email
  56.,1759,1566806,00.asp use "run as" to gain privileges in XP
  57.,1759,992581,00.asp 20 nice Windows XP tips, especially some DOS commands
  58.,1759,1730903,00.asp advanced ranking in Excel
  59.,1759,1730835,00.asp Managing multiple operating systems (XP, Linux, etc)
  60.,1759,1758198,00.asp  Help Windows XP Run Old DOS Programs
  61.,1759,1768298,00.asp Speeding up Windows XP Boot
  62. 20 Great Google Tips from PC Magazine
  63. online virus / spyware scan - must use IE
  64.,1759,1765802,00.asp PC Magazine's guide to upgrading your PC - Very Good!
  65.,1895,1869915,00.asp Great tips on Google Desktop
  66. Linux program to discover / change XP passwords - unzip / run "install.bat" to create Linux boot floppy
  67. Change the Default Opening Folder in Windows Explorer
  68. Customizing Right-Click Menu Options in Windows
  69. PALM - moving WAV files to MP3 - use - program: cdtomp3freeware.exe -
  70. PALM & PC- moving Google Video to LifeDrive - download GVP, open in notepad, go to URL (long one!) - AVI will be downloaded - use Video Converter ( spvc3001.exe  from ) to convert from AVI to AVI (????) - use LifeDrive Manager to upload - AVI gives almost full screen, mpg gives larger image
  71. Palm & PC - DVD conversion - open DVD in iriverter (
  72. Getting an email each time your local IP address changes
  73. Free CD / ISO writer - very nice:  ImgBurn
  74. Keyboard macro program - free- Very Nice!: AutoHotKey
  75. Cloning a hard drive with DD in Linux or with CloneZilla - self booting CD running Linux
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